10 Week PCOS Program
10 Week PCOS Program
10 Week PCOS Program (eBook)
10 Week PCOS Program (eBook)
Easy to follow & great recipes!- Keren R

10 Week PCOS Program (eBook)

This program has been specifically designed for PCOS weight loss. The programming uses the latest science of PCOS, energy balance, and hormonal balance, while combining it easy to follow, practical, and simple meal and exercise plans.

  • Supports PCOS Weight Loss
  • Aids Hormonal Balance
  • Done-For-You Guide For Managing PCOS
In your 10-week weight loss program you receive:

  • Full meal plan for every single week
  • Complete shopping lists
  • Recipes for every meal with macronutrients and calories
  • Daily workouts

There are two, and only musts of PCOS weight loss, do you know what they are? Most people answer by saying diet and exercise which is not correct. Diet and exercise are behaviours that may help you lose weight but, they are not the underlying science of PCOS weight loss.

The two musts of PCOS weight loss are:

  • Be in a sustained calorie deficit
  • Be in hormonal balance

Now, in the past when you’ve tried to lose weight, have you been achieving the above? If your answer is “I’m not sure” then that’s great news. Nearly all of my PCOS clients have tried and failed to lose weight long-term in the past and when I ask them this very question, they always respond with “Drew, I have no idea”.

So, why is this great news? Because it shows me that you have not been doing the correct things in the past to lose weight. If you had, this would be far harder. Notice that these two musts have nothing to do with keto or fasting or [insert any diet you want]. Any and every diet must still abide by these two rules to work for you.

This entire program is built around these two PCOS weight loss laws while ensuring that it’s easy to follow.

  • The meal plans are normal, everyday food
  • The workouts will not require you to spend hours each day exercising
  • This is a one-off payment - there are no further charges.
  • Format: eBook.

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