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Lene V. Verified buyer PCOS Stack

Balance / Thermolean Supplement Stack

I was sceptical, but literally within a week I felt like something shifted. At first I thought I was imagining it but my husband even made a comment that I am coping better. So I subscribed and giving it a proper go


Nikki K. Verified buyer PCOS Stack


I definitely need this in my life as it really does help to balance me out. Put myself on auto renew as it takes forever to ship to Canada and I never want to be without again!


Sarah W. Verified buyer PCOS Stack

PCOS Supplement stack auto renew

It’s great! Having my supplements on auto renew means I have a continuous supply so I’m really getting the benefits from them. I’ve been on Balance and Thermo Lean consistently for 2 months now and I feel a lot better.


Michaela O. Verified buyer PCOS Stack

Easy As

It was a very quick process to set up a subscription to receive Balance every 30 days. A few clicks and some personal details (mostly entered by auto fill!) and I will have Balance arrive at my door each month :)


Faheema I. Verified buyer PCOS Stack

So far so good

Will deffo stick to the auto renew! I set the auto renew 2 weeks into my first order as it took about 2 weeks to get to me so this way I don’t miss days in between. Thank you, Drew!


Trisha B. Verified buyer PCOS Stack

Better sleep

Balance has made me sleep 100% better and I just feel better over all. I will definitely keep this on auto ship so I don’t run out.