“I can definitely say my energy levels have been up, my mood has been good and I finally had a cycle after about 6 months of not having one”

Elora A, Verified buyer - Balance

“I dont always feel hungry, I can fit back into my comfy jeans. It has stopped the snacking during the day and during my night shifts at work”

Sonya P, Verified buyer - Metabolism Boost

I have only been taking balance for a few weeks now but Balance has helped me dramatically with my sugar cravings. Now, I can several days without actually craving it! I am definitely recommending this product to everyone who has PCOS as it is a life changer of a product!”

Tynelle S, Verified buyer - Balance

“Now, I stop looking for something sweet straight after I've eaten lunch, which has always been a problem for me. The energy I have in the afternoon is also another change”

Kathryn J, Verified buyer - Inositol

“What I didn’t expect was how these supplements would make me feel overallI am a much happier and less stressed person. I have the energy to get through each day; I’m not just ‘getting through’ Im living my best life!”

Jacqueline T, Verified buyer - PCOS Ultra Saver

I researched for weeks, months even. Then I found healthy pcos. I made the decision to purchase the fertility bundle, and it is absolutely incredible. My cycles returned to normal, with little to no pain and I have started waking up with energy and not feeling fatigued.

Brooke M, Verified buyer - PCOS Fertility Bundle

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