Apart from helping others with their PCOS journey, there’s plenty of reasons why becoming a Healthy PCOS Ambassador may be GREAT for you!

  • 1
    Free Products & Exclusive Discount Codes
    Throughout 2022, we’ll be releasing more and more PCOS-specific products that we’d LOVE for you to try first. Additionally, you’ll be guaranteed a 30% off coupon code for any supplement purchase at our store which replenishes monthly if you choose to continue your ambassadorship.
  • 2
    You’ll Be Introduced To Our Following Of Over 300,000
    This presents the perfect opportunity to grow your own audience with followers who are also passionate about PCOS. Whether you’re interested in this or not, who knows, perhaps you’ll attract a community of followers that can provide each other with invaluable support.
  • 3
    Consistent, Priority Support From The Healthy PCOS Team
    We take support & customer service very seriously for anybody - of course. But being an Ambassador means having access to our entire team at a prioritied level. This could be for support and assistance pertaining to the program, or to your own PCOS journey.
  • 4
    An Opportunity To Progress Into Our Affiliate Program
    Spreading your love for Healthy PCOS doesn’t have to end here. If the team feels you’re ready, then you may be asked to join our Afilliate Program which means commission-based advocacy. You’ll be earning money, not just saving it!


Your role as an Ambassador is very simple (and exciting!!): To passionately and actively advocate for the Healthy PCOS brand by providing support to others in need while promoting the brands’ supplements and products through your social media presence

Upon joining our Program, Ambassadors will receive a Guide, or brief, that details the fundamentals of the Program. That includes the process, deliverables (expectations), do’s and don’ts, and post examples gleaned from previous/current Ambassadors

To gain a clearer understanding before applying, you can view and download the Guide below x


Of course, we want to give everybody the opportunity to help us make a big impact on those with PCOS - especially if you love us! But there are prerequisites to consider before applying

Prequisites & Requirements

  • You have a strong order history with us and a passion for the Healthy PCOS products you use for your own journey
  • You have a positive can-do attitude for creating content and promoting products you’ve found success with
  • You are regularly active on social media - particularly Facebook & Instagram
  • If it’s not already, you are willing to set your Instagram profile to public

Sound like you? We’d love to hear from you!